Pilot Wedding in Sussex

Pilot Wedding in Sussex

Pilot Wedding in Sussex


Hanging from a two-seater plane 🙂

A high moment for me in 2017 (literally) was hanging from a two-seater plane at 2,000 feet. All this to capture a pilot wedding, the wedding of jumbo jet pilots Katie and Jon Gowdy. They took to the skies above beautiful West Sussex to celebrate their wedding day. And also embarked on their maiden flight as husband and wife.

One of the privileges of being a Sussex wedding photographer is that I get to travel – or fly tin this case – the the entire country.

Bride and groom pictures

Flying conditions were perfect and despite a fear of flying, it was crucial to get the right shots and capture their special moment. Having the camera to focus on, alongside the calming influence of my pilot, helped me tremendously as we soared through the air flying in formation with Katie and Jon. I and, more importantly, the newly weds, were delighted with the results and I also think it cured my long-standing phobia of flying.

For me, it was a wedding photography experience I will never forget. One of the many reasons why I do the wonderful job I do. Each wedding is different and throws up unexpected challenges. I just love that! With my feet firmly back on West Sussex soil, I made my way to the Goodwood Hotel, Chichester. This is where the pilot wedding reception was held.


It was a delight to photograph this wonderful and talented couple. I was pleased to receive such positive feedback from them.“YeY! We were so grateful that you were there with us Maria! And what a superb job you did! If you and Derren ever want to come flying with us again just let us know. K&J xx”.

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